We’re looking for whiteboards, caffeine, food and shelter for 40 people for a weekend.  When you support 3 Day Startup, you expose bright young students and startups to your company, and your products or services.  Many companies also utilize 3 Day Startup as a way to find new employees.  Donors can support 3 Day Startup through monetary sponsorship, mentorship, and in-kind donations or services.

Please contact [organizer_first_name] [organizer_last_name] at [organizer_email] for more details.

2014 FSU 3 Day Startup

MASSIVE Corporation will provide 2 training sessions for the participants on the winning team focusing on ideation and strategy. The workshops will be led by Vincent Hunt and Jason Stamm and will be agreed upon by appointment. The cost for each session would retail at $750.

Total value: $1500

MASSIVE Academy will provide 2 free courses that teach Idea Testing and Web Development.  The Idea Testing course focuses on testing your idea through conversions, targeted marketing, and quick feedback. The web development course will teach how to put up your website idea in less than a week.  The course will be open during and after the competition, 3DSrs will have a 6 month free access to MASSIVE Academy courses.

Value per class $50 or $100 per student.

Pilot Media LLC will provide free domain/web hosting to the winning team through August.

Value per account $75